Friday, 20 June 2014

Story of a Little Prince

A little kid was glum and sad
and it was real real bad,
he was a little royal prince
and in a royal robe he was clad.
Little prince loved to fling stones
on poor trees who couldn’t groan,
and on little birds, for that matter
prince would laugh
when birds would scatter.
But today he was glum and sad
and that was real real bad.
Little prince was holding a sling
and he was wanting to fling
a big stone at the moon
but it was only noon.
Little prince rushed to the king
and shouted, I  want to fling
a big stone at big bright moon
and I want to do it soon.
King had no time for prince
he was in thick of a fight,
his dear queen was trapped
by two sombre bishops
and one fearsome knight.
Little prince wasn't amused
no wish was he ever refused,
his wishes were always met
so he won’t fuss and fret.
Little prince was angry and dismayed
he howled and he wailed
king was angry and  outraged
his game plan had totally failed.                                            
Little prince screamed
and shouted
but king would not hear
his army was totally routed.
When king couldn’t bear
little brat’s silly drone
he jumped from his royal throne
in air all chess men were thrown.
King made a dash
for the door
on his little prince
he was very sore.
But little prince
ran after the king
for he still wanted to fling
a big stone at the moon
and he wanted to do it soon.
Little prince chased the king
silly ministers all followed
like puppets on the string.
It was such
a funny spectacle
to see them all,
the king
little prince
and silly ministers,
running in a circle.

© i b arora

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