Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sad Turtles
A young turtle was
 glum and sad.
 For days together
no meal he had.
He loved to eat
 fresh little crabs.
But there were none
 up for grabs.
Fish was there
 in plentiful.
He could eat
a bucketful.
 Fish was fresh
 and real good.
 But he relished
that was cooked.
 He enjoyed fresh
 leaves of fig.
And he could eat
small or big.
 But there were none
 on nearby twig. 
So for days together
 he went without meal.
 His mother was worried,
she let out a squeal.
 But old granny said,
 “It’s no big deal”.
For weeks together
 no meal she too had.
 But then, dear friends,
 she was no less
glum and sad.
© i b arora

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