Monday, 30 June 2014

Grandfather Clock
Grandfather clock
grandfather clock
it don’t tick
it don’t tock.
It  is a home
to a little ghost
he calls me,
“My silly host.”
Ghost is naughty
he keeps mocking
when I am busy
he never stops talking.
When days are hot
he sneaks into refrigerator
he quietly sips juices
at his princely leisure.
Mother thinks it’s me
playing a prank
and for missing juices
I get a spank.
Ghost loves it and
has a hearty laugh
he keeps at mischiefs
that put me off.
One day he slipped
into my schoolbag
he cleaned out lunch
from my lunch pack.
One day he messed up
all my school notes
he nibbled my books
like a hungry goat.
I got punished for
no rhyme or reason
and in a wild anger
I teach him a lesson.
I close all windows
and off goes light
I let lose my dogs
who begin to fight.
The room is dark
and dogs bark
ghost scampers
and hides in clock.
He is a real ghost
but is afraid of dark
he trembles in fear
when big dogs bark.
I have my revenge
I enjoy a sound sleep,
ghost in the clock
is scared even to peep.

© i b arora

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