Sunday, 29 June 2014

Friendly Brats

A tough little kitten
and a big rowdy rat,
they were a pair of
friendly brats.

They would jump
and they would sing,
they would laugh till
their faces turned pink.

They would play
and they had fun,
they were together
as if they were one.

But big mama cat
was somewhat vile,
 and she was full of
 craft and guile.

 She knew rat was
quick and agile,
she had a plan and
a bewitching smile

 One day she invited
the rowdy rat
for some snacks
and silly chit chat.

But it was not
to be simply that,
for she wanted to
trap the silly rat.

Little kitten was
crafty no less.
mama’s scheme
 he could easily guess.

 He quickly alerted
 the rowdy rat,
and out scrammed
 the scared rat.

 Rowdy rat has
learnt his lesson,
he now eyes cats
 with fear and suspicion
 But little kitten
 and the rowdy rat
are still a pair of
friendly brats.
© i b arora

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