Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Naughty Tale

Spunky was a simple monkey
 but he had crook of a tail.
Tail was long and a bit naughty
and there hangs a funny tale.

 Tail enjoyed to twirl and play
 it loved to swing and sway.
It wouldn’t heed the monkey
and would often go astray.

 Tail liked to twist and turn
when Spunky wanted to sleep.
 On his back it would squirm
and worm like it would creep.

When Spunky sat for lunch
tail would give a nasty punch.
Nothing at all he could do
 even if  he had some hunch.

Spunky tried to mend his tail
but it was to no avail.
Instead tail enjoyed the fray
new tricks it learned to play.

 Spunky is now in real soup
 he feels like a bird in a coop.
He does every biding of his tail
that is how it is a funny tale.
©i b arora

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