Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Little Zayn and Little Rat

Little Zayn was a clever brat
he came wearing a blue hat.

He had been waiting for this day
it was his best friend’s birthday.

Friend had given him a strange gift
a green lizard it was, Zayn’s birthday gift.

Now, Little Zayn hates silly pranks
“My day will come,” he was frank.

Today was best friend’s birthday
Little Zayn had waited for this day.

When his friend had cut the cake
Little Zayn clapped just for sake.

He then lifted his blue hat
what all saw was a nasty rat.

The rat jumped and landed on the cake
what followed was like an earthquake

Everyone jumped and screamed in fear
what a scene it was, oh dear, oh dear.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I Land on The Moon

Everyone is asleep in the room
I quietly leave and go to the Moon
I see a shooting star
It had come from a place afar
I climb it and quickly aim for the sky
It vanishes when we are really high
I meet the stars floating here and there
Now they are twinkling everywhere
I touch the stars and feel their glow
My shooting star is shooting a bit slow
We are almost there and what I see
A rabbit on the Moon and it is about to flee
There is an old woman with her spinning wheel
She looks at me and keeps spinning the spinning wheel
And that’s not all; the Moon is teeming with wonders
There are elephants, giraffes and many reindeers
All of them are shining and shining bright
They are all emitting a shining white light
When they see me standing like a fool
They all shout, “He broke the rule
He rode a shooting star and came to the Moon
He must be throw him out and real soon
His feet are dirty and nails are uncut
Did he ever wash his face? He is a nut
No one can come here without taking a bath
Let us throw him on the outward path”
They come after me I have nowhere to run
But for them it is nothing but real fun
Magically they turn into worms that glow
They are all around me and I receive a nasty blow
It is my kid brother who had hit me hard
And from my deep sleep I wake up with a start.

© i b arora

Sunday, 21 August 2016


A little boy saw
a little star.
He said ‘It can’t be
that far’.
He wished if  
he had a ladder
he could go
climbing up there.
‘Where can I get
a ladder big one’.
He looked around
but he found none. 
He began to cry
and loudly shout.
But his mama was
nowhere about.
Now it happened
that a tiny fairy
was caught in spider net
and that was scary.
She was small
smaller than a fly
she loved to ride
a little butterfly.
She looked around and
for help she cried. 
Little boy saw her
and his tears dried.
“Hurry and help me
before I get killed
your one wish
I will have fulfilled”.
At the trapped fairy
did little boy look
spider’s net then
he wildly shook. 
The nasty spider
could do no harm
what little  boy did
worked like charm.
Little fairy was free
from the trap
in sheer joy
did little boy clap.

“Well, well you are
a nice little boy
but were you crying
to get some toy?”
“Little fairy, toys are
of course fun
but I wish I could go
to a star little one”.
Fairy looked at stars
in the evening light
while she pondered
the boy stood quiet.
“What you need is a bridge
from earth to sky
let me do something”
and she said goodbye.
One day little boy was
teasing his mother
when little fairy came
along with another.
“You will have to rush
if you want to go to a star
we have built a bridge
and it’s a bit far”.
The boy rushed out
and looked around
there was a bridge
and it was round.
Colours were streaming
across the sky
like a shining arch  
and it was high.
But he could not
see any star
what fun it would be
to go that far.
He felt he would wait
till stars come
but when stars came
he was glum.
Bridge had vanished
the Sun had set
stars were shining
little boy could only fret.

© i b arora

Saturday, 6 August 2016


नन्हा हाथी दौड़ा आया
सीधा नानी से आ टकराया.
नानी लेटी थी आँख मूंद कर
गन्ने खाए थे उसने मन भर.
सपनों में थी खोयी नानी
तभी आया कोई तूफानी.
नानी को कुछ समझ न आया
कौन था उससे आ टकराया.
झटपट उठ कर बैठी वो
घूर कर देखा नन्हें को.
‘किस मूर्ख से पड़ा है पाला
हरदम करता गड़बड़ घोटाला.
क्यों मारी तुम ने टक्कर
तुम तो हो पूरे घनचक्कर.’
नानी ने जोर से चपत लगाई
नन्हें हाथी को आ गई रुलाई.
नन्हा हाथी बोल न पाया
अंगुली उठा नानी को दिखलाया.
आकाश में घिर आये थे बादल
चारों ओर मची थी हलचल.
कब से था न पानी बरसा
पानी को था हर कोई तरसा.
बादल देख नन्हा रुक न पाया
झटपट घर को दौड़ा आया.
पर हड़बड़ में हो गई गड़बड़
नानी से उसकी हो गई टक्कर.
अब नानी का मन तरसाया
‘बेचारे पर क्यों गुस्सा आया.’
नानी समझ गई अपनी गलती
उसने कर दी थी थोड़ी जल्दी.
नानी ही तो थी सबसे कहती
‘जल्दी में बस होती है गलती’.     
तभी पड़ी बूंदों की बौछार
नन्हें पर नानी को आया प्यार.
                                                                                              ©आइ बी अरोड़ा