Friday, 19 December 2014

Stone Warrior
(Part 9)
(Please see my post of 17th Dec for 8th part of the story)

Traytur did not realize that Roock was trying to use him against Zoran. He was worried about the duel that he had to fight one hour before sunset. He did not want to lose the duel. But he was not very confident of beating Zoran. In fact he was a bit scared that Zoran would beat him; he could even kill him.
“I know you are my true friend, I will take your help. Give me that magic dagger but promise that no one will hear of it.”
Roock gave him the magic dagger and said, “My friend, I promise on the souls of my ancestors that no will know about it. But you must also promise that you will not let anyone know that I had given you this dagger.”
“I too promise on the souls of my ancestors.”
While these two were talking the strange beautiful bird had come from nowhere and quietly landed on a nearby tree. The bird was looking at Roock with his unblinking eyes.
One hour before sunset Zoran and Traytur fought a duel. There were two judges to oversee the duel; one chosen by Zoran and other chosen by Traytur. They started fighting with swords. Both were brave and strong  and they fought fiercely. They inflicted wounds on each other but no wound was deep and serious. Then they fought with spears. Zoran inflicted a few serious wounds. But Traytur fought back like a wounded tiger. Zoran momentarily lost control of his spear.
Traytur thought that time to use the magic dagger had come. He could finish the duel by inflicting one deep wound on Zoran. For a moment his hand wavered for he felt that it would not be fair to use magic to win the duel. But he knew that he was not strong enough to beat Zoran.
He was desperate to win. He took out the magic dagger and attacked Zoran. But he was not able to stab him. He kept trying and failing. Zoran was also fighting with a dagger. Zoran stabbed Traytur in the shoulder with his dagger. Traytur staggered back. He was losing his heart.
But then Zoran slowed down.  He stopped attacking Traytur for did not want to kill him.
Traytur seized the opportunity and attacked Zoran with all his strength. He succeeded in stabbing Zoran with his magic dagger. He felt a sense of relief; he had stabbed Zoran with the magic dagger. He thought Zoran would now lose his strength and he would not be able to move any part of his body.
All this time Roock had been hiding behind the trunk of a huge tree. He had been secretly watching this duel hidden behind that tree.

When Traytur stabbed Zoran with the magic dagger Roock almost shouted in happiness. He knew Traytur had succeeded in inflicting a deep wound. Soon Zoran’s blood would fall on earth. Soon Zoran would for ever turn into stone.
Blood from the wound inflicted by Traytur fell on earth. But to Roock’s shock he did not turn into stone. He kept on fighting vigorously. Roock could not believe his eyes.
“It will happen; it has to happen; it must happen; the magic dagger cannot fail. He will turn into stone,” Roock kept gazing at the two warriors. A wave of fear was rising in his heart.   
Traytur was also shocked. Zoran had neither lost his strength nor did he become immobile. He was now fighting like a giant tiger. Traytur himself was losing his strength. He was also losing his nerve and confidence.
                                                                                (To be continued)
                                                                                       © i b arora
           You can read next part of the story here

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