Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Snake in the Grass

Little Zayn was playing near the lake
there he saw a little snake

The snake was crawling in the grass
he thought he would let it pass

To his surprise the snake began to cry
but the snake's eyes were totally dry

Little Zayn was kind of heart
 and he listened to his kind heart

Helping a snake would be real fun
and this snake wasn’t troublesome

“What’s wrong? Why do you cry?
Let me help you, let me try”

“Well, for one I am down with flu
 a big thorn is stuck in belly like glue

My stomach remains usually upset
but I am one who would never fret

Yes, I haven’t eaten for many days
 and one tooth is paining for two days

And I have some wishes unfulfilled
if you only hear I would be thrilled

I have a desire to travel a lot
 places I would go I haven't thought.

And I wish I could fly like a bird
some snakes fly I have heard.

I have no place to sleep at night
 I love boating when moon is bright”

Lttle Zayn said, "Stop that's enough
I see being a snake is real tough.

Well, at present I just have a little frog
it was sitting over there on a log.

 I don't want it you can take it
and for the rest let me think it”

Snake looked and cried loudly,
“It was a trap I can say proudly

I left a frog for someone to catch
it is a trick no one can match.

I wanted to catch something big  
you fell for the trap like a silly pig.

I haven’t eaten for many days
 now I know how patience  pays”

Little Zayn knew he was in trouble
it was wise to run on double

Talking to a snake was no real fun
and he ran like he had never run.
©i b arora

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  1. :) a fun read for sure with a lesson too in the end.

  2. There is a distinct reminiscence of the ancient Fables of Panchatantra in the narration.

  3. One has to be careful who they trust, a good lesson indeed