Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Eve
It was Christmas Eve
Santa Claus was on leave,
he was hearing noises
 he knew had no choices.

He went to consult a doc
 who would strut like a cock,
doc was somewhat crazy
 his advice was always hazy.  

Doc peered and pondered
he mused and wondered,
 “It is surely very smelly
deep down in your belly.”

 “Your belly has lost its poise
and it is making a noise,
you will have to go on leave
even if it is Christmas Eve.”
“If you choose to ignore it
 then be ready to face it,
 noises can do their worst
 your big belly can burst.”

“What you need is a white pill
and avoid this wintery chill,
light a  fire in your room
 you can’t go out, I assume.”

For Santa it was a  blow
 he had given gifts all years,
 he had not missed to do so
even once in many years.

Then stomach made a big noise
he thought it would be wise,
to go by crazy doc’s advice
not to go out till he felt nice.
 But what of tears in tiny eyes
and kids waiting for surprise,
on this year’s Christmas Eve
 it was sad to be on leave.
When gifts had been wrapped
and all were neatly packed,
it was all set for yearly trip
he wished he wouldn’t skip. 

Suddenly and loudly Santa belched
 noise in stomach was squelched,
in a jiffy he felt happy like a lark
quickly he set sleigh on the mark.

 He was already very very late
 he didn’t want children to wait,
 Christmas Eve was about to end
all gifts were delivered in the end.
© i b arora

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