Thursday, 11 December 2014

Best friend
Little Zayn
was a little sad,
there was a boy
who was real bad.
Bad boy was one
who liked to pretend,
that he was Zayn’s
 bestest  friend.
Little Zayn knew
 it wasn’t true,
 what he could do
he had no clue.
Bad boy would often
steal his lunch,
or tear his books
or beat with a bunch
Little Zayn was one
who didn’t lose heart,
he knew he had to
learn to thwart.
Little Zayn caught a
lizard green,
he put it in a box
full of chow mein.
Chow mein was what
bad boy loved to eat,
he couldn’t refuse
such a tasty treat.
He snatched the box
from Little Zayn,
and pulled his nose
in front of everyone.
But this time Zayn
would not cry,
and there were
no tears in his eye.
But what a fool
was the bad boy,
he saw chow mein
and jumped with joy.
He stuffed chow mein
like a hungry pig,
and then like a fool
he did a dancing jig.
But he had not seen
the lizard green,
he gorged it along
with chow mein.
And he jumped and
shouted like a prig
when in his belly
lizard did a jig.
Little Zayn
is no longer sad
there is a boy
who is no longer bad.

©i b arora

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