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Stone Warrior
(part 7)
(Please see my post of 12th Dec for 6th part of the story)

“What a beautiful bird it is!” said one of Traytur’s friends.
“Is it a parrot?” asked other.
“No, it is not a parrot. It is a strange bird, I have never seen such a bird in this area,” said the first friend.
Roock did not even look at the bird. He was eager to befriend Traytur. He had learnt that Traytur was a brave and powerful man. He had fought many battles. But he was jealous of Zoran. He was unhappy because he had to work under the command of Zoran. Roock thought that he could use Traytur to kill Zoran.
Roock incited him, “But it is unfair; it is really unjust of your king. How could he ignore you and make that young boy as the Captain? It is insulting for any brave and experienced soldier to serve under man who has not fought even two battles.”
“Well, that is what has happened and I feel so bad.”
“Did you not protest?”
“Protest? How can a soldier protest?”
“But how can you accept this injustice?”
“But what can I do…”
“You need to fight for you honour; honour is the only thing that a true soldier values more than anything else.”
Traytur was just confused and did not know what to say. Alcohol had clouded his thinking.
“I think you need to prove that you are as brave and strong as Zoran.”
“I am more brave and strong than Zoran and everyone knows it.” Traytur shouted arrogantly.
“Yes that is what I was saying; but you need to prove that and your king must realize that he made a mistake by ignoring you. Why don’t you challenge Zoran to fight a duel with you?”
“Duel with Zoran?”
“Yes, and you will surely defeat him. You don’t have to kill him, just inflict a few serious wounds and beat him. King will realize his mistake. He will make you the Captain and Zoran will serve you as your soldier.”
By now Tratur was drunk and could not think clearly. He got incited and decided to challenge Zoran.
“Yes, you are right; I will challenge Zoran and I will kill him. He thinks he is the strongest person on earth. But he is a fool. He has only fought Brasian soldiers. But all Brasians are chicken- hearted; they are scared of dying; they only run away from battle. Zoran has never fought a fierce and a brave soldier like me. I will teach him a lesson. Yes, he needs to be taught a lesson. My friend, you have done me a favour; you have shown the right way; I must thank you.”
Roock smiled at his cleverness; he knew that he had found a chink in the armour of Talavian army; he was sure that he would be able to achieve his goal. But he hid his happiness and said in all seriousness, “My friend, you need to think carefully before doing anything.  Zoran is undoubtedly a great warrior and he has killed many brave and strong soldiers. He is your Captain. If you act rashly you would do a great harm to yourself. I don’t want to lose a good friend like you.”
“You think I would lose to him in a duel; you think so because you have never seen me fight the barbarians of north. Had you seen me fighting those brutes you would have never doubted my strength and bravery. Rest assured my friend, I will win and the King will realise his mistake. He should have made me the Captain.”
Traytur left the Moon’s Inn in anger.  
All this time the strange beautiful bird had been sitting on the window. It had been looking at everyone who was present in that inn. And it had been attentively watching Roock. It appeared that the bird was trying to read the mind of Roock; that it was carefully listening to what he was saying to Traytur.

 When Traytur reached Eastern Post he was still angry. He went straight to Zoran and challenged him to fight a duel.

                                                                                (To be continued)
                                                                                © i b arora
           You can read next part of the story here

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