Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Little Zayn’s Sister
Little Zayn has an elder sister
she is less of a sister, more of a teacher.

“Elzee,” that’s what she likes to call
and not worried if he minds at all.

“Elzee, why is your nose obnoxious
and why are your manners atrocious.”

“Elzee, why can’t you pare dirty nails
and why do you move like a silly snail?”

“Elzee, why are your feet full of muck
and why do you look wonderstruck?”

“Elzee, why is this and why is that
 and why you did this and why you did that?”

Little Zayn has an elder sister
                               she keeps shouting like a teacher.                             

Little Zain thinks his sister is crazy,
“Why does she use words that  hazy?”
© i b arora
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  1. That's a fun read and a lovely rhyme.

  2. Ha.. ha.. good one,
    I wonder if I was like that with my little brother years back.