Monday, 2 March 2015

A Silly Little Frog

a silly little frog
was lying on a log
he was sad and glum
he was the unlucky one
he was getting married
but that made him worried
the bride was a bully
and she loved him truly
but the frog was scared
for the bride hadn’t spared
her earlier bride grooms
who were left in the rooms
with some broken legs
and bumps on their heads
the last one got roasted
when he had boasted
that he would beat her
if she did not call him ‘Sir’
the bride lost her cool
she put him on a stool
and looked him in his eyes
everyone heard his cries
but she acted like a dove
for she was in love
with a silly little frog
who was lying on a log
worrying how it would end
for he couldn’t pretend  
that he could  love
a bully acting like a dove.
©i b arora