Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Little Silly Frog-2

There was a little silly frog
he just loved to sprawl on a log
he did have a home sweet home  
it was really a mansion with a dome
but at home he was never at ease
for half the time he was on his knees
he wished to relax but didn’t dare
his wife loved to ceaselessly blare
she would ask him to take a broom
and to quickly sweep every room
and then he had to cook the meal
and she loved only well-cooked veal
he would then run to laundry and store
and keep saying he loved every chore
and if ever the wife felt upbeat
she would let him touch her feet
you would think that she was a bully
but she said she loved him truly
silly frog was scared of her love
and wished she would act like a dove
it was great fun to lie on the log
and not to slave, sweat and slog
but he could never leave his home
and he could rarely wander and roam.

©i b arora

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