Friday, 13 March 2015

A Beautiful Sunny Day

On a beautiful sunny day
not far from a  curved bay,
where land turns into a swamp,
on a log that looked like ramp
was reclining Mr Frog,
for he loved  morning air sans smog.
His belly was full of little snails
and small fish and their tails.
He closed his eyes to take a nap
but was startled by a sudden splash.
He glared with anger in each eye
and saw Mr Crocodile floating nearby.
Mr Crocodile was trying to climb the log;
he too was fond of air sans smog,
and loved to sleep in the morning Sun,
sleeping soundly was nothing but fun.
Mr Crocodile was as polite as he could be
“Froggy, get up and quickly flee.”
Now we know Mr Frog was very proud
he was not one who would get cowed.
He too was as polite as he could be
"Crocky, get lost or I’ll break your knee.”
Mr Crocodile looked a bit amused;
he couldn’t believe Mr Frog had refused
to run and make place for him;
things were about to turn grim.
“Froggy, do you really want to fight,
 wonder what’s going to be your plight”
“Crocky, don’t you think I aren’t brave
many a fool I have sent to the grave.”
But snooty Mr Frog was not at all aware,
a red-tailed hawk was present there;
The hawk dived when his time came,
Mr Frog had himself to blame;
for he was about to become a tasty meal
of a hungry hawk with claws of steel.
But Mr Crocodile  took pity on the frog
he quietly pushed the wooden log;
the hawk fumbled which he rarely did
and he failed to catch Mr Frog indeed.
Mr Frog was one who missed a beat
and his heart began to widely tweet.
Mr Crocodile had done him a kind deed
and saved him from becoming hawk-feed.
The hawk knew he had lost his chance
and he left quickly even without a glance.
Mr Frog looked at Mr Crocodile but felt shy,
he was sorry and we all know why.

© i b arora