Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You all know why

Big Bear came in a blue cap
Acted as if he was a cop
He walked with a swagger
Clutching a wooden dagger
He glared at the monkey
And thrashed the old donkey
He shouted at the brown fox
And kicked the sleeping ox
He pocked in the elephant’s ear
Abused him too, we did all hear
He shouted and bragged
His dirty finger he wagged
“Mind you, empty-heads and all
The big and the small
I am a rough fellow
Be ready to swallow
Bitter dose that I will give
For I don’t  forgive
Follow all rules, one and all
Or be ready to jump and crawl
Mind you, I am the king’s cop
And I am right at the top”
Everyone got scared
But the owl hardly cared
He laughed and hooted
He shouted and disputed
“You just trying to fool us
It be good if you don’t fuss
This cap you found in a ditch
And the dagger is a snitch
You think I am not aware
But my friend, I was there
Hear me all, young and old
All that you were told
Was nothing but trash
This bumpkin is a big brash”
Now, that truth was out
They all began to shout
Everyone lost his cool
Everyone acted like a fool
They all attacked the bear
And kicked him in the rear
Big Bear began to cry
And we all know why.

© i b arora


  1. Flows nicely

    Indeed perfect for Children

    Keep writing

    1. thanks Anirudh for reading and sharing it. your comments are very encouraging, i wish many children could get to read the poem