Saturday, 11 October 2014

Elephant's Wish

An elephant wished 
he could fly
He wanted to reach 
the deep blue sky
He ran to a pigeon
he couldn’t wait
He woke up the pigeon 
who slept till eight
“Sir, I wish 
I could also fly
I wish I could 
go up high and high
I know you are 
truly a great flier
And you are quick 
and quite clever
Please help me 
and give me a tip or two
Please I want to fly 
just like you”
Pigeon was awake 
but half asleep
His heart  thumped 
and it took a leap
He looked at the elephant 
and quietly pondered
What could he say
that he wondered
His words would surely 
cause dismay
Very politely then 
he began to say
“Sir, it’s my wings 
that help me fly
Wings flutter
and I fly”
Elephant was surely 
and surely dismayed
He had no wings 
that could come to his aid
He looked at the sky 
and let out a grunt
He thanked the pigeon 
for not being blunt
“Sir, I am happy 
as I am

For there is no one here

as powerful as I am.”

© i b arora