Monday, 20 October 2014

Baby in a Pram

A baby was sleeping 
in a pram
the pram slipped 
in front of a van.

The van was speeding 
like a rail
  there were prisoners 
from a jail.

 The prisoners were 
a nasty lot
 they were angry 
at being caught.

 There was an officer
in the van
he was shocked to 
see the pram.

 At the driver 
did he shout
and the driver was 
quite stout.

The driver tried to 
stop the van
 but his efforts 
were in vain

Van rushed and 
didn't jam
in a flash
it hit the pram.

The burly officer 
screamed in alarm,
 but the baby 
didn’t come to harm.

The baby had slipped 
from the pram,
and was following 
a silly ma’am.

All the  prisoners 
liked this jam
for them it was 
time to scram.

The burly officer 
lost his cool,
 he had never 
broken a rule.

 He beat the prisoners 
into a pile,
he could break rules 
once a while.
© i b arora

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