Monday, 1 September 2014

I write a poem-2
It was a Monday.
A poem I must write on this day.
And I wrote a funny poem,
about a dog who was truly loyal
but only if he could stay
in a palace royal,
about a cat who was choosey
and hated chickens that were nosey
but surely relished those
that were roasted and rosy,
and about a parrot
who would not cease talking
even when he had a sore throat
and sounded
as if he was barking.
I loved the poem,
it was an interesting piece
no, I think it was a masterpiece. 
It was good enough a reason
for me to again sleep.
And when I woke up
I thought this poem
I must post it on my blog
and bring some cheer
on faces drowned in smog.
I looked at my notebook
and I got a shock. 
The page was empty
and words were missing.
Instead there was a message,
“Your silly poem we are stealing,”
the dog,
the cat
and the parrot”.
And it was not all,
I was outraged to find
they had issued a threat
that left me in a bind,
“Don’t ever dare to defame all three of us,
for you will then see
that there is no one more vile
than us.
This one time
we are only stealing your poem.
Next time we would be dealing
with person who writes
such a silly poem.
Mind you, we are aware
of all the factors
and we know how to deal
with stupid characters.
Therefore, no fun at our cost
or it may turn out to be
your poem but last.”
Now, I don’t know what I will do
come Monday,
for a poem I must write
on that day.

© i b arora 


  1. Leave the dog, the parrot and the cat and write about the tiger, the fox and the cow instead...Nice one Aroraji!

    1. thanks for your suggestion, but i am not sure what tricks tiger etc would like to play

  2. aroraji, I have nominated you for the very inspiring blog award. Please accept it if it's not against your blog policies. You can view your nomination here. Thank you. Shweta

    1. i am grateful Shweta that you nominated a blog award. but being a fresher in this field i am not aware as to what it means and what is expected of me in consequence there of . personally i am not really interested in such awards. for me my greatest award would be if some kids get to read and enjoy poems and stories posted by me. thanks once again