Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dental Care

Perched on trees
near the swamps,
little plovers await
 crocs from swamps.

Crocs are swimming
in muddy waters,
 they hunt the fish
 and tasty turtles.

 Crocs return when
their bellies are full,
crocs relax with
 their bellies full.

Crocs recline and
 love the mild sun,
every croc has his
  mouth wide open.

 Their teeth are dirty
and need a clean,
 bits of meat are
stuck in between.

Little plovers
 jump and bob,
 into big mouths
they boldly hop.

They pick the pieces
stuck in upper teeth,
and even in teeth
that are underneath.

Crocs are happy
 they get a dental care,
little plovers enjoy
a healthy fare.

© i b arora


  1. I was smiling all the time while reading the poem, need I say more. Really nice Aroraji.

    1. thanx Shweta, your words are always encouraging

  2. Writing for kids is a difficult task....but it seems you've a natural skill.. :-)..nice indeed...