Monday, 13 June 2016

A  Blue Star, an a to z poem

A star looked at me
with a twinkle in its eye
Blue star it was
and I know why
Cheeky are blue stars
and they are real hot
During the day
they like to sleep a lot
Evening comes but
they are slow to get up
For all through the night
they shine and stand up
Gathered in groups
scattered in the sky
Heavens glitter
and we all know why
It is an endless fire
that keeps burning
Jewels shoot out that
stars keep emitting
Knights of the sky
with armours shinning
Look like specks of light
and ever gleaming
Millions of stars
are out in the sky
No, you can’t see all
with a naked eye
Oh! Beautiful are stars
on a moonless night
Pure joy they are
and night after night
Quaint are the stars
like magical lights
Rarely are they sad
even on cloudy nights
Shinning like pearls
on a clear black sky
They love to twinkle
in twinkling of an eye
Umpteen times
I have wanted a star
Vainly I have tried to
catch a shooting star
What you see in my hand
papa got it from a mall
Xmas star it is
and it is brightest of all
Yes, I love blue stars
shinning in the sky
Zany you think I am
and I know why.

©i b arora