Monday, 16 May 2016

Spots on the Moon
Have you heard of
King Jeorje West, the Fat
(Poor fellow was
actually thin and not fat)
He ruled when
two big continents were one
And moon up there
had dark spots but none
King Jeorje West, the Fat
was truly a great king
And what prosperity
in the country did he bring
But this king who wasn’t fat
had one little failing
It  would one day leave
his dear ones wailing
He was fond of
sorcery and magic
And for this
his end was to be tragic
King Jeorje etc wanted to be
the lord of all seas and land
And he disliked those
who dared to stand
He kept on waging
wars on all kings
He would often shout,
‘I will rule all earth and things’
But there was a king
who was weakling but clever
He wanted to rule
his country and for ever
He was scared of
King Jeorje West, the Fat
He always felt like a mouse
chased by a wild cat
But the clever king was friendly
with weird magic men
And they had helped him
now and then
They gave him some
magic potions and wands
He came to King Jeorje etc
and with  fancy bands
He bowed respectfully
as if he was full of deep devotion
And offered him all
magic wands and potions
‘My Lord,’ said he,
‘mercy, pray spare my crown
And accept these things
that are of magic renown’
King Jeorje West, the Fat
was fond of magic
Not knowing that
it could some day turn tragic
He took the magic wands
and potions warmly
He knew he would use them
all very calmly
He would turn
unconquered kings into rats
And eat them all
turning into a big wild cat
But the king who was
weakling and clever
And who wanted to rule
his country for ever
Had deviously tricked
King Jeorje West, the Fat
With treacherous potions
and wands and all that
King Jeorje etc
was but a fool
And he acted
just like a stupid mule
He tried some gifted magic
on a pleasant  night
When everyone was asleep
and the moon was bright
The magic worked truly
but what a shocker it was
He turned real fat
and without a pause
He was flying in the sky
like a bloated balloon
He  went up and up and 
straight to the moon
In twinkling of an eye
he landed there
Of course he didn’t know
he had landed where
That day onwards
people saw spots on the moon
It’s King Jeorje etc (unusually fat)
stuck up there like a buffoon.

© i b arora


  1. Wow! Wonderful Poem cum story for the kids. And we can so easily explain them the spots on the moon.

  2. lol get greedy and be a fool, up to the moon you'll go. A fun one indeed.