Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Strange Sounds

Many many years ago
On a pleasant night in June
I was merrily dreaming
of a joy ride to moon.

But I woke up with a start
I thought I was on moon
I heard strange sounds
and felt I would swoon.

I was no longer dreaming
I saw I was in my bed
with books all around
all closed and unread.

But I still heard sounds
sounds that were scary
I knew I had to act
I could no longer tarry.

I searched every nook
and all around the bed
I looked in every corner
with a lot of dread.

I shuffled my books
and riffled my clothes,
I was quite scared
for no one was close.

I was in for surprise
for I heard tiny cries
coming from a pack
that was lying in a rack.

Stored in the pack were
apples that were sweet
they were a mother’s gift
and they were a treat.

But sounds from the pack
were rather unnerving
what followed thereafter
was even more disturbing.

Unwittingly my hand
dived into the pack
it was foolish of me
and I was slack.

Hand was in for a shock
it touched something hairy
the hand began to shiver
it was something scary.

When I peeped inside
I too got a shock
it was last thing I expected
I whirled like a weathercock.

Nestling in delicious apples
and reclining on its back
was a big furry rat
with a brood of tiny brats,

Well, if you may wish
you may very well decry
but I have to confess
that I let out a loud cry.

But that was not all
for I jumped like a calf
and I could only squeal
when rats let out a laugh.
© i b arora


  1. Nice rhyming with playful words...liked it... :-)

    It takes a lot of time for me to read Hindi...so can't actually enjoy your other works... :-(

    1. Thanx Maniparna for comments and appreciation. my hard luck that you couldn't enjoy poems etc posted in hindi