Saturday, 31 May 2014

Little Puppy

Little puppy
liked to play,
but near his mama
he would stay.

Little puppy
liked to run,
biting mama’s tail
was real fun.

Little puppy
loved a naughty kid,
he would jump
if kid would skid.

One day puppy was
playing with the kid,
they were juggling
a big sauce pan lid.

 The lid rolled
and rolled away,
puppy chased and
went far away.

He then looked for
his mama dear,
but she was not
anywhere near.

Puppy got scared
he began to cry,
kid got upset but
he wouldn't cry.

Kid was fearless
he looked around,
but puppy’s mama
couldn't be found.

 Kid was one who
wouldn't give in,
puppy’s mama was
behind an old cabin.

Puppy’s mama
was lost in sleep,
she couldn't hear
her puppy weep.

Kid signaled
and softly called,
puppy didn't move
he lay sprawled.

 Kid picked him up
as if he was a doll,
he tried to wriggle
was about to fall.

 But kid was caring
he didn't relent,
behind old cabin
with puppy he went.

Puppy saw his mama
and jumped with joy,
 he gave her a hug
and thanked little boy.
                                                © i b arora

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