Monday, 26 May 2014

Ghosts in the Well

Behind an ancient house
 there is an ancient wall,
there is a thick grove
beyond that ancient wall.

Besides the thick grove
 there is an ancient well,
two unhappy ghosts
therein dwell.

 The ghosts are sickly
 they suffer from rickets,
their teeth are missing
they talk like crickets.

 The ghosts are real and
  pretend to be fearsome,
they play dirty tricks
 and try magic on some.

But their tricks are stale
and their magic is rotten,
whatever they may try
 even a kid they can’t frighten.

The ghosts are truly scared
 of big naughty boys,
who are up to mischiefs
and make a lot of noise.

If a boy comes their way
ghosts scamper like hell,
they hop like a grasshopper
and hide in the ancient well.
© i b arora

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