Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ghosts that Walk

If it is dark
and if you walk
into a street that is 
glum and dark,
you may hear
coming from rear
sounds of footsteps
loud and clear.
If it is dark
and dogs bark,
you may not see
but there they will be
ghosts that walk
in the streets
 glum and dark.
 If it is dark
and dogs cry,
you shouldn’t try
to look at ghosts
who may not shout
but are surely out
in the streets 
glum and dark.
And, if you must
then carry you must
a smouldering match stick
clenched in your teeth,
and don’t forget
to loudly breathe
through clenched teeth.
 And then you will see
that just in a wee
the ghosts that walk
in streets 
gum and dark
will tremble in fear.
And it will be a fun
to see them run 
and quickly scamper
in a foul temper.

© i b arora

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