Friday, 7 November 2014

Stone Warrior
(Part 2)
 (please see my post of 6th Nov for first part of story)
Talavian soldiers chased the enemy soldiers out of their beloved country. Talavia had won a great victory. But everyone knew that this victory had been won only because of one man. That man was Zoran. He had fought a fierce battle when other Talavian soldiers had lost their confidence and they were running away from the battle field. They had lost all hope of beating Brasian army. But Zoran had refused to give in. he had fought bravely. He was unstoppable. He had turned the tide of battle.
Everyone praised Zoran for his courage and bravery. The King awarded him the Star of Bravery. It was the highest military honour which very few Talavian soldiers had received. But he didn’t look much enthused by this award.
“You don’t appear pleased with the honour that we have bestowed on you?” the King asked Zoran.
“My Lord, I am grateful for the honour that you have given me. I will wear this Star with pride. But I would be happy if you let me guard our borders. Please release from the King’s guards; please send me to the border,” Zoran replied very humbly.
The King was pleased with Zoran and he accepted his request. He was posted as the Captain of Eastern Post.   
Zoran became a hero of Talavia. His reputation spread far and wide. Enemy began to fear him for his strength. Talavians began to respect him for his bravery.
Brasian army was smarting under the defeat suffered by them at the hands of one man. They were thirsting for revenge. Six months later they again attacked Talavia. This time they were better prepared and were expecting a swift victory.  They had attacked after a lot planning and preparation.
The attack was launched on the Eastern Post. Zoran was well prepared to defend his post. He had fifty soldiers under his command. They all fought fiercely. Even though they were outnumbered they did not retreat even an inch. Zoran led his troops from the front. He struck the enemy like lightening. His sword was like a thunderbolt. No one could withstand his assault. Most of the enemy soldiers were either killed or seriously wounded.
Enemy soon realized the futility of their adventure. They had lost most of the men but they had not been able to advance even by an inch. Enemy lost heart and ran away from the battle field.

(To be continued)

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