Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I Land on The Moon

Everyone is asleep in the room
I quietly leave and go to the Moon
I see a shooting star
It had come from a place afar
I climb it and quickly aim for the sky
It vanishes when we are really high
I meet the stars floating here and there
Now they are twinkling everywhere
I touch the stars and feel their glow
My shooting star is shooting a bit slow
We are almost there and what I see
A rabbit on the Moon and it is about to flee
There is an old woman with her spinning wheel
She looks at me and keeps spinning the spinning wheel
And that’s not all; the Moon is teeming with wonders
There are elephants, giraffes and many reindeers
All of them are shining and shining bright
They are all emitting a shining white light
When they see me standing like a fool
They all shout, “He broke the rule
He rode a shooting star and came to the Moon
He must be throw him out and real soon
His feet are dirty and nails are uncut
Did he ever wash his face? He is a nut
No one can come here without taking a bath
Let us throw him on the outward path”
They come after me I have nowhere to run
But for them it is nothing but real fun
Magically they turn into worms that glow
They are all around me and I receive a nasty blow
It is my kid brother who had hit me hard
And from my deep sleep I wake up with a start.

© i b arora