Saturday, 2 May 2015

shoes of glass
a frog looked
at a little fairy
she felt the frog 
was quite scary

but he was one
who was in love
with one he liked
to call 'my dove'

she was of course
not any bird
she was a she-frog
and she was curt

 she had said
‘i will only agree
to be your wife
 in days three

if you bring me
shoes of glass
for i want to be
one of a class’

‘little fairy
would it please you
to grant me a wish
and quickly too

i need two pairs of
shoes of glass
for a dear one
hiding in  the grass’

now little fairy
felt it was strange
but she chose to
help just for a change

she chanted some
funny magic words
the words sounded
like chirping of birds

 four glass shoes
appeared out nowhere
and in the sunlight
they did brightly glare

the frog saw shoes
and jumped in joy
all he could say was
‘oh boy, oh boy’

even for a moment
 he didn’t wait
and he kept saying
 'my mate, my mate'

he rushed and said
 no thanks to the fairy
‘one who can’t be fair
 won’t be treated fairly’

she-frog saw glass shoes
and smiled at him
with glass shoes on
she looked quite prim

 ‘now when shall we wed
 i no longer can wait’
‘oh! let me think, 
i can’t say in a haste’

 she was proud of
her shoes of glass
and thought silly frog
was not his class

she felt she was
now like a queen
and would wed
 one of royal mien.

‘well, i think
i can’t wed you
who i would marry
i have no clue’

 a frog was sad
and looked at the fairy
she knew poor fellow
wasn’t treated fairly

©i b arora

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  1. A beautiful poem for kids with a message.

  2. This is truly delightful! I'm so pleased you mentioned this site when you commented on my A-Z reflections post. t's great to find a fellow kids writer.
    Keith's Ramblings

    1. Thanks Keith for reading and liking the poem